Enabling innovation in pediatric healthcare.

Seattle Children's
Innovation Guild

The Innovation Guild was launched in 2021 by a collaboration of community leaders and Seattle Children’s team members to focus on advancing biomedical innovation for all children. Our overarching goals are:

Pediatric medical innovation is often overlooked by capital markets and funders for larger, less potentially risky adult biomedical market opportunities. Our startup initiatives promote a stronger foundation for pediatric innovation with greater impact by addressing two key unmet needs in the early-stage innovation pipeline: ready availability of complementary domain expertise and a supply of risk capital for exploration.

With your support, we aim to enable our committed and innovative clinicians to explore their high risk, high reward ideas to proof of concept and beyond.

Seattle Children’s Innovation Guild is a subordinate organization of the Seattle Children’s Guild Association organized for charitable purposes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.