Targeted funding for targeted goals.

Microgrant Program

Note: Terms and conditions of the Microgrant Program are subject to change and this page should be reviewed from time to time. Please also check back here for specific application dates to be published.

Program Objectives:

As part of our support for innovation, the Seattle Children’s Innovation Guild is sponsoring a new Microgrant Program to provide evolutionary funding for early-stage, high-reward innovation opportunities at Seattle Children’s that may be challenged to find financial support through other traditional funding mechanisms.

Program Guidelines:

The program will accept applications from Innovators that are affiliated with Seattle Children’s Hospital System on a quarterly basis as further detailed below. You do not need to have an academic position to apply but will have to receive organizational approval to conduct the proposed course of work. The innovation may target a pediatric healthcare product or process with broader commercial potential or one that may only have application at SCH. You may apply for up to $25,000 in support per application and may apply as often as desired but may only receive one funded proposal per calendar year.

The proposed work in an application must reasonably be able to be completed within one year and may not be concurrently funded by other sources. All human subjects research will be required to be gated by Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval.

All innovative applications that address current shortcomings in, and/or opportunities to improve, pediatric healthcare will be considered.

Application and Approval Process:

A quarterly application process will be published and applicants are expected to provide a strictly one-page summary (minimum 11 pt font) of their proposal including:

  • Brief statement of problem to be solved
  • Your innovative solution to the problem
  • Clear statement of major milestones and how they will, if met,  substantially advance your innovation.
  • Summary of key personnel and their qualifications
  • Requested funding amount and how the funding will be used
  • References to any key relevant publications

Each application will be reviewed by a review panel drawn from Seattle Children’s, the innovation Guild, and the broader regional community. Each applicant may be asked to provide additional information and/or present their application during the full review process.

Applicants will be screened and approximately two weeks after submission, selected applicants will be asked to provide additional details within a further two weeks. Final selection will be approximately four weeks thereafter. Unsuccessful applicants will be provided a brief review.

Other conditions:

The recipients will be expected to follow all Seattle Children’s policies, including disclosure and assignment of any innovations to Seattle Children’s.