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Innovation Microgrants

Our Microgrant Program will provide evolutionary funding for early-stage, higher-risk, higher-reward innovation opportunities that may be challenged to find traditional support. We provide a quick-turnaround support opportunity that allows innovators to test the waters with their ideas so that they can gather additional traction and funding.
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Innovation Volunteers & Mentors

We cultivate a roll-up-your-sleeves spirit to mentor and provide SC innovators with our Guild member’s unique domain expertise. We coordinate both informal advisory roles as well as formal project-specific work where Guild members help push clinicians’ ideas to fruition and enable better care for our kids.
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Seattle Children's
Innovation Team

We work in parallel with and support Seattle Children’s Innovation Team as partners in pediatric innovation. This Seattle Children's staffed team is composed of experienced designers, engineers, and project managers who help nurture frontline innovators ideas and bring them forward from ideation to implementation.
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Innovation doesn’t just happen within our four walls. We aspire to support promising life science companies developing relevant innovations and to become an early adopter of innovations developed by others. Through this, we hope to innovate practically and more quickly than we can alone.
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